Alva Seed Paper Planting Instructions

Are you ready to use your sustainable and environmentally friendly paper to grow beautiful flowers?

Good news for you – you don’t need to be a green-fingered gardener to make your paper bloom.


Follow the simple instructions below to put your Alva seed paper to use.



How To Plant Your Alva Seed Paper


Cut your paper into small pieces and pop it on a soil bed in your garden or a small pot.  Cover with 3-4mm of soil and give it a generous gulp of water. 

Keep it moist and living in a sunny spot, and your seeds should start to sprout after 7-10 days. 



When's the best time to plant seed paper?


Seed paper can grow all year round indoors if you keep your pot moist and near plenty of sunlight. So if you want household flowers to grow,

you can plant them at any time. If you're going to plant outdoors, make sure the paper goes where the ground never freezes. 



How long does seed paper take to grow?

Your sprouts should emerge after 7-10 days. You must continue to water them and keep them in a sunny spot. 

Generally, your flowers should be blossoming between 8-12 weeks after planting. 

To keep a colourful house all year round, we recommend a fortnightly planting routine.



What kind of flowers are available?


Currently, we have five variations of seed paper to choose from.

You can select a wildflower collection of mixed seeds or Chamomile, Poppy, Lavender, Centaurea, or Rudbeckia.